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Natural Hair Stories

Happy new year guys, Like a lot of you out there i'd like to start the year by clearing backlog that i had in 2018. Remember last year when i did the 'I AM NOT MY HAIR' piece and asked to know of short hair stories from ladies out there? Well i was fortunate to meet three beautiful, confident ladies who shared their stories with me.


My name is Mutheu Muthiani. I am a 20-year-old third year student at Kenyatta university.

So my short hair journey began recently about three weeks ago. Before that I had dreadlocks for about a year and a half. Late last month I developed an infection on my scalp and I had to shave my locks off. It was such a big change for me. I maintained about 2 centimeters of my hair but after noticing the condition was not getting any better I decided to shave it all off three days ago. I think the reason my sister tagged me in your post because she knows I have not yet had the courage to rock my new look since I mostly keep it covered up because it’s quite a change to go from dreadlocks to totally bald. But as you said i am not my hair. I would love the opportunity to work with you and I sincerely hope you consider me.


My name is Wambui Karanja, I am an accountant by profession and passionate about entrepreneurship and basketball, for me ball is life

Ever looked at yourself and wondered why do I have to hide my kinks? That was the biggest motivation, I wanted to be myself, the black I was and the African I can never change. Just because society will want this kind of hair does not mean is what I want, just because it looked cute to have treated hair to them isn't cool with me. The kinks are not in our, rather my natural hair but the kinks they see are in their minds. It’s been a decade of going natural and its never ending soon. Natural hair it's not just a movement but a revolution.


I am Superian Wakahiu, i run a ''fun couple'' you tube channel with my husband.

My natural hair story is very simple. My then boyfriend would always compliment me heavily every time I would style my hair as a naturalista. I then decided to take the plunge and became a full on naturalista. That was 2 years ago this month actually. I am celebrating my 2-year anniversary on 30th July. I even started a YouTube channel to help other girls in their natural hair journey.

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