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Man can dare dream, Man can actualize the dream, Man is the dream.

This shoot was a long time coming. It is a culmination of a year of planning and hitting snags along the way. The thing with unpaid creative projects is that one has to figure out ways and means to keep the costs of the project as low as possible. This means milking all social capital available to you. Yes, I daresay, we even tout the well dreaded ’paying with exposure” line, but not in those exact words. We use colorful words such as ‘collaborate, ‘for our future good’, ‘reduce global warming’ etc

The first plan was to have the shoot back in April, later on we were forced to reschedule to June, then finally it all came to birth in October. The snags included models ‘going mteja' on material day to the kits guy going missing, to our first Make-Up Artiste being taken in for surgery a week to the shoot date.

The final team included different shoot assistants, different MUA, different models and even a different kits supplier.

We had banked on a golden hour type of look along the rough African terrain, but clearly the weather had other plans. We had quite the rainy day atop Lukenya Hills, with no shelter whatsoever. We had to make-do with what we had. We were trying as much as possible to freeze motion hence we used High Speed Sync strobes. The plan was to execute a 2 light setup however we found out on set that our lights could not sync hence had to adapt to a one light setup.

What can we say, we had to pull a ‘Just Do It’

Now, remember the dream I mentioned? Yes, NIKE we see you, we will work together soon.

See what Okaka saw through his lens below;

Man must dream, and dream abundantly.

See the BTS/Promo Video Here:

Photographers: Otieno Nyadimo Okaka Felix

Shoot Assistants: Jared Abongo

Joseph Odinga

Model: Izuu Fitness

Make-Up Artiste: Stephen Mwanzia

Styling/Kit Supplier: Vincent Machanje

Videographer: Otieno Nyadimo

Location: Lukenya Hills


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