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Stumbled onto some images i did back in the day and decided to do do a fresh edit with my updated retouching skill sets. This 'was my first attempt on 'studio' photography. I also did a video on my thought process before, during and after editing the images. Have a look and listen through.

ON Photography Whispers Ep1

ON Photography whispers is a personal memoir where I will be speaking about my photography experiences.

On this episode, I speak about the techniques I used to edit my first studio photography photos when I initially edited them in 2014 and techniques I used to re-edit them in 2019.

Technique overview -Pixel retouching(cloning, healing) -Dodge and burn

Photographer: Otieno Nyadimo

Concept&Lighting: Okaka Felix

Stylist: June Tunu

Makeup Artist: Nina Nyamweya

Models: Shiddy Nyale, Tracy Mayaka, Joyce Onyando


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