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This year for our No Shave November prostate cancer awareness project, we partnered with shesatomboy to tell the narrative from a lady point of view. Prostate cancer in the end not only affects men but also their family members and friends. The idea was to have ladies fully participate in #NoshaveNovember, so we dressed them up in suits, digitally added beard and let them have their say. This is what we came up with..................

To the man I love,

Today as we kissed, the pricks on my chin reminded me of how your mustache is king.

I have watched you proudly grow your mustache through out this month of November and no words will be enough to let you know how fulfilling it is knowing that you took the first initiative at creating awareness on men's health issues including but not limited to prostate cancer, testicular cancer and men's suicide.

I am not about to ask you to account for the barber's fee because I am certain that you, my hero directed it to some cancer initiative. Two things are on my mind right now though, not the usual tantrums or chain of praise. Just two out of concern.

How would tomorrow feel if I lost you? Would I forgive myself if I watched you wallow in pain, losing your charm and your soul fading away while we would have prevented it all? If we put our fears, the taboos and myths behind and went for check up?

Soon we shall be celebrating another birthday as we blow candles to the wisdom in our years but you see, that right there is a risk factor. The older you get, the higher the risk. I want your charring to be controlled as the years go by, because you deserve the fine things in life. By the way, how much family history do you know? Any history of cancer in the family, because you know what, this could be in the genes.

I must commend our efforts on keeping fit and ensuring that our diet has enough vegetables, fruits and legumes. It get's a bit tiring on some days and on more occasions than one, we have contemplated quitting but we should NOT.

Did I say this in so many words? I want to put out one last request to you... can you go get checked? For you, me and our future generation.

Love & love


STYLING & WRITING: Shesatomboy


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