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The Adventure that was Lightfreaks Workshop.

Welcome to Our blog. We will be documenting our experiences during our photography journey without so many words :)

Let’s get our first blog post off the blocks.

I had missed the first lightfreaks workshop partly due to my arrogance but mostly due to my ignorance on photography workshops. I couldn’t comprehend how someone can go to a workshop to learn a skill that I could google (#teamgoogleisyourfriend) and perfect it on my own. Now, a few months down the line, I have not only swallowed my words but I’m also a staunch supporter of workshops.

The workshop was on a Sunday morning which is perfect because Sundays are mostly bright and sunny right? Well, this day was chilly and grey but I got up early packed my equipment and made my way to the meet up. There were many photographers present who made for a pleasant but alarming sight because of my antisocial nature. An hour later we were off to Hell’s Gate. I had been there before but never to the gorges. This was bound to be fascinating. Photography jokes were cracked here and there and a few Selfies taken with the latest gadgets while admiring the sites as we drove along. After an hour on the road we arrived.

I had recently had an ACL reconstruction surgery and was extremely anxious about walking the path to the gorges which resembled a Rambo movie scene. I had a strategy though: I would walk behind Njeri (the only lady photographer to grace the workshop). Women tend to be more cautious than men. I knew I could trust her steps. After walking up and down the twined path and carefully maneuvering between rocks, we finally arrived at the spot muddy and a bit wet which did nothing to deter my eagerness .

First Osborne spoke. For someone with that much experience under his belt, he is very soft spoken.

Then the strobbing b